About IDAO Engineering

    IDAO ENGINEERING Embedded Technology (I.E.E.T) was created in October 2011 by Electronic Engineer, co-founder of CEDIP Infrared Systems in the 1990s, nowadays FLIR ATS (Advanced Thermal Solutions).

    IDAO ENGINEERING Embedded Technology's principal activity is the advice and service to companies wishing to follow the evolution of new technologies in the field of Infrared image processing and embedded systems.

    • IDAO ENGINEERING today is mainly based on three (3) main customers, which are:
      Bullet HGH Infrared Systems based in Igny (91), the company develops and markets optronics systems.
      Bullet New Imaging Technologies (NIT) based in Verrières le Buisson (91), the company develops and markets CMOS sensor with high dynamic visible.
      Bullet PEGASE systems based in Montpellier (34), the company develops and markets systems maritime surveillance radars.


IDAO ENGINEERING has proven its expertise in design and development of complex electronic architectures based on FPGA (ALTERA) and embedded software on the TEXAS INTRUMENTS Digital Signal Processors (DSP) equipped with real time operating systems (RTOS).

The goal of IDAO ENGINEERING is to provide the IR imaging market with innovative electronics cores engines to systems & cameras integrators.