IRENE-G120 IR Camera Electronics Engines 

Small size 120x80mm (stacking of 2 boards) and low power

Supported IR detectors Supported Stirling Cooler (Power Control module)

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Bullet SOFRADIR SCOPIO 640x512 @240Hz Frame rate

Bullet SOFRADIR JUPITER 1280x1024 @60Hz Frame rate

Bullet SCD, SEBASTIAN 640x512

Bullet SCD, PELLICAN-D 640x512

Bullet SCD, HERCULE 1280x1024

  • Bullet Thales:  RM2, RM3 and RM4

    Bullet Ricor:  K508, K548, K561 and K562S

Bullet Ricor K548

Bullet Ricor K508 and K561

Bullet Ricor K548 and K561

UEM-130 Uncooled Camera Electronics Engines

Low Power 3W Max, Small Size 80x60mm (2 boards stacking)

Supported Uncooled IR detectors  

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Bullet ULIS, PICO1024E 1024x768 @25/30Hz Frame rate

Bullet ULIS, PICO640P UL04272 640x480 @25/30Hz Frame rate

Bullet ULIS, PICO640E-041 640x480@50/60Hz Frame rate